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Water For Indonesia Now Invites Organizations to Celebrate World Plumbing Day
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R&T News 
  • PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia, APPIN Hold Event to Promote Importance of Good Sanitation and Plumbing Systems
  • IAPMO R&T, R&T Lab, EGS, UES, IBT Enjoy Successful Showing at KBIS 2018, IBS Shows
  • U.S. EPA Releases Final Specification for Spray Sprinkler Bodies with Integral Pressure Regulation to Earn WaterSense® Label
  • Conglom Inc. Receives First IAPMO R&T Stainless Steel Sink Certification to NSF/ANSI 2-2015
  • Adds General Listing Restriction for Refrigerator Water Filters
  • IAPMO Group Markets Services to the World at ISH
  • IAPMO R&T Water Systems Now Offering Asbestos Testing
  • IAPMO Group Enjoys Successful Month of Industry Tradeshows
  • The IAPMO Group Promotes Services at 21st Kitchen & Bath China (KBC) 2016
  • IAPMO, Indonesian Officials Work to Bring Nation’s National Standard for Plumbing from Classroom to Real World
  • IAPMO Group Attends Grand Opening of Taiwan Institute for Plumbing Innovation
  • PT IAPMO Group Indonesia Opens Laboratory and Certification Office in Bekasi, Jawa Barat
  • English Version of SNI 8153:2015 Now Available
  • TOTO USA Receives IAPMO EGS Certification
  • IAPMO R&T Grants First EPA WaterSense® Water Closet Flushometer Listing to TOTO
  • IAPMO R&T Creates New Water Systems Mark of Conformity
  • IAPMO R&T, RPA Promote Services at 2016 AHR Expo
  • IAPMO Enjoys Successful Showing at KBIS 2016, IBS Shows
  • IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Services Denies Claims of Lawsuit, Defends Rightful Position in Marketplace
  • IAPMO R&T Lab and IAPMO R&T Now Offer Testing and Certification for Faucets and Valves for the Mexican Market
  • The IAPMO Group Hires Tina Donda as Vice President of Water Systems
  • Shirley Dewi Promoted to Senior Vice President of IAPMO R&T’s Management System Registration Services
  • IAPMO R&T Announces New American National Standard for Solar Heating Systems
  • IAPMO R&T Participates in 96th Annual National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show
  • IAPMO R&T Participates in Inaugural Water Technology and Funding Summit
  • EPA Seeking Comments on Rulemaking Process for Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act
  • Important Notification Regarding California Governor Brown's Executive Order / CEC New Regulation
  • IAPMO, BSN Co-Host World Plumbing Day, Indonesian National Standard for Plumbing Systems Launch Event on March 18
  • IAPMO R&T Announces New Draft American National Standard for Rating Solar Heating Collectors Available for Public Comments, Due March 9
  • IAPMO R&T, EGS and RPA Promote Services at 2015 AHR Expo
  • IAPMO R&T, R&T Lab, EGS, UES Enjoy Successful Showing at KBIS 2015, IBS Shows
  • IAPMO EGS Receives NRTL Recognition and ACLASS Accreditation
  • IAPMO R&T Otorga Certificaciones Mexicanas de Plomería a Fluidmaster
  • IAPMO R&T Grants Mexican Plumbing Listings to Fluidmaster
  • DOE Certification, Compliance, and Enforcement Overview for Plumbing Products
  • IAPMO Supports Proposed WaterSense® Tax Credit Legislation
  • Water For Indonesia Now Invites Organizations to Celebrate World Plumbing Day
  • IAPMO R&T Otorga Primera Certificación Mexicana de Producto a TOTO
  • IAPMO R&T Grants First Mexican Plumbing Listing to TOTO
  • IAPMO R&T Gains Accreditation for Certification in Mexico
  • IAPMO R&T Obtiene Acreditación para Certificación de Producto en México
  • IAPMO R&T Announces New American National Standard for Solar Heating Systems
  • Summary Of The Reduction Of Lead In Drinking Water Act And Frequently Asked Questions
  • Notice From  U.S. Customs and Border Protection & the Treasury Department: Inadmissibility of Consumer Products and Industrial Equipment Noncompliant With Applicable Energy Conservation or Labeling Standards
  • IAPMO R&T Launches Canada-Only Certification Program
  • U.S. EPA Recognizes IAPMO R&T to Certify Commercial Pre-Rinse Spray Valves to the WaterSense® Product Labeling Program
  • U.S. EPA Recognizes IAPMO R&T to Certify ENERGY STAR® Qualifying Swimming Pool Pumps
  • Aquatherm Industries Sets World Record in Solar Thermal Efficiency with Ultrasun Solar Pool Heating Collector
  • IAPMO R&T Recognizes Center for Irrigation Technology as Laboratory for Testing of Weather‐Based Irrigation Controllers
  • IAPMO R&T Offers Complete Certification for Bathroom Grab Bars
  • IAPMO R&T Provides ENERGY STAR® Certification for Imperial’s Electric Griddles
  • IAPMO R&T’s Customer Service Cultivates Long‐Standing Relationships
  • IAPMO Online Standards Store Open for Business
  • IAPMO R&T Presents WaterSense® Seminar at 17th Kitchen and Bath China Exhibition
  • IAPMO R&T Promotes Services at 17th Kitchen & Bath China Exhibition
  • Plumbing Product Manufacturers to Heed NYC Plumbing Code Changes Effective July 1
  • WaterSense Seminar at the Kitchen and Bath China Exhibition
  • IAPMO R&T First to Certify Weather‐Based Irrigation Controllers to U.S. EPA WaterSense® Specification
  • IAPMO R&T Offers Disabilities Act Listings for U.S. and Canada
  • Georgia
’s Water Efficiency Law Based on IAPMO Green Code
  • IAPMO Qualified to Certify Solar Hot Water Systems in California
  • IAPMO R&T Offers Certification to Louisiana’s Revised Solar Water Heating System Requirements
  • IAPMO R&T Continues as an Accepted Certification Body by the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety
  • IAPMO R&T Offers Certification to Louisiana’s New ‘Lead‐Free’ Plumbing Law
  • IAPMO R&T Certifying Weather‐Based Irrigation Controllers to WaterSense® Specification
  • IAPMO R&T Freezes Prices for 2012