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Water Systems Certification 

IAPMO R&T's Water Systems Certification Program informs and provides the utmost confidence to regulators, inspectors, manufacturers, distributors, installers, engineers and the public that the products have been tested and certified to the applicable standards.

IAPMO R&T is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and Entidad Mexicana De Acreditación, a.c., (ema).

At IAPMO R&T, we understand the importance of “speed to market” and will customize turnaround times to meet almost any deadline without compromising quality of service and our integrity.

With IAPMO R&T, manufacturers gain an attentive, service-oriented partner for exhibiting the compliance of their products to the United States and Global markets.

Recognition and Integrity:
The IAPMO R&T brand and its reputation for quality are unparalleled in the industry. IAPMO marks of conformity are widely recognized and represent the highest degree of integrity in showing compliance with established codes and standards.

Before you choose a third-party certification body, give us a call and discover how IAPMO R&T Water Filtration program can provide the best customer service and value for your certification dollars. We understand the importance of long-term relationships, as many industry leading manufacturers have seen the value in the IAPMO marks of conformity for decades.

Performance Standards Covered by IAPMO R&T Water Systems Product Certification:

Drinking Water Treatment Units
- NSF/ANSI 42, 44, 53, 55, 58, 62
- WQA S-100, S-200, S-300, S-400
- CSA-B483.1

Shower filters – NSF/ANSI 177

Drinking Water Systems – NSF/ANSI 61

Drinking Water Chemicals – NSF/ANSI 60

Microbiological Purifiers
- NSF P231 and P248
- US EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing
- Mexico NOM
- WQAI Protocol: IP 100

Scale Reduction – IAPMO Z601

Certification Schemes
- EPA WaterSense

Code Compliance
- Uniform Plumbing Code® (UPC)
- International Plumbing Code® (IPC)
- National Plumbing Code of Canada (NPC)

Global Certification /Compliance Assistance – (i.e. US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, China, and Australia)

Additional IAPMO Services
- Management Systems Registration Services (i.e. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001)
- R&D Testing
- Standards Development
- Training and Education