Health Effects Marks of Conformity

Refer to Exhibit G on page 2 of the application packet for examples of IAPMO R&T Certification Marks. 
Note: To complete an application, product and packaging mark of conformity placement must be reviewed and approved by an IAPMO R&T evaluation engineer.

The Marks of Conformity Usage Guide provides additional usage details.

Instructions for downloading certification marks:

Each mark below is offered in eps, gif and tif formats.
Follow these general rules for usage:
    gif is appropriate for Internet and e-mail use.
    tif is used if the image is to be placed within a document or graphics file using an application such as Photoshop, QuarkXpress or Word.
    eps is the preferred format if the size of the mark will be significantly enlarged, as on a poster.

All of the marks are saved in a zip file which contains each of the above listed formats. To download, simply click the image of your choice and a "File Download" popup box should display asking if you want to Open or Save the file to your computer. After saving to your computer, simply unzip the image file using any zip program.